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By Dr. Michael Stein
November 22, 2021
Category: Foot Care

Dealing with toenail fungus can be an embarrassing issue to struggle with. You may feel awkward taking your shoes off at a friend’s house or wearing sandals during the summer. You may also not be sure how to remedy your issue and feel comfortable again. Dr. Michael Stein and Dr. Zeineldin Ahmad at Foot Doctor of the East Bay in San Leandro, CA, can help combat your toenail fungus with laser toenail fungus treatment.

Get Rid of Toenail Fungus with Professional Treatment!

There are numerous treatment options for toenail fungus that have been around for years and have varied results. Some people report that topical creams and oral medications can help, while others notice that the issue gets worse with no ending. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, there’s a more efficient way to tackle toenail fungus. Laser toenail fungus treatment from your podiatrists in San Leandro, CA, can effectively target toenail fungus and is a totally safe way to get rid of yellow, crumbly nails.

This treatment uses a laser to penetrate through the nail to the real issue at hand, the fungus. A typical treatment session only lasts about 30 minutes and you’ll be able to leave after and get back to your daily life immediately. There are no side effects reported with this form of treatment and you’ll be able to leave feeling even better than you did when you first came in. The amount of sessions needed depends on the severity of your condition and the sooner you start treatment, the easier it will be to treat.

Contact Your Podiatrist Today!

Get rid of your toenail fungus with ease today! Contact Dr. Michael Stein and Dr. Zeineldin Ahmad at Foot Doctor of the East Bay in San Leandro, CA, to learn more about laser toenail fungus treatment! Call to schedule an appointment today at (510) 483-3390.

By Dr. Michael Stein
September 14, 2021
Category: Foot Care
Tags: Foot Doctor  

If you experience foot or ankle discomfort, it may be time to see a foot doctor, also known as a podiatrist. The foot doctors at Foot Doctor of East Bay, Dr. Michael Stein and Dr. Zeineldin Ahmad, have an office located in San Leandro, Pleasanton, and Los Gatos, CA, and are ready to help diagnose and offer treatment today.

Foot Doctors are Foot and Ankle Experts

You may suffer from foot and ankle problems because of a chronic medical condition such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, or diabetes. However, it may just be everyday situations causing your foot and ankle pain like poorly fitted shoes or injury. When you see a foot doctor, you are more likely to receive a faster diagnosis and treatment recommendation because they are the experts. They diagnose and treat foot, ankle, and lower leg illnesses while also performing surgery.

There are many conditions faced by patients that foot doctors, like Dr. Stein and Dr. Ahmad, can help treat today.

You Want to Be a Runner

As a runner, you are especially prone to injury, aches, and pains. A foot doctor can assess your body and feet to identify any potential problems with running and recommend ways to prevent damage. They can also recommend the best running shoe for you.

You Have Pain in your Ankle or Foot

Arthritis is widespread and may be the cause, but it is best to see a foot doctor to be sure. Also, if your joints are swollen, stiff, or red, you want to see a foot doctor to ensure a proper diagnosis and treatment.

You Have Diabetes

Those who have diabetes are more prone to foot problems due to decreased blood circulation. Foot issues facing people with diabetes can include dry skin, numbness, and even severe infections. If you have diabetes, you should have an annual foot exam from a foot doctor to decrease your risk for amputation or other issues.

You Are Experiencing Heel Pain with Walking

There are many causes of heel pain, and they include:

  • a bony growth on the heel, also known as heel spur
  • plantar fasciitis
  • Achilles tendonitis or tendon rupture
  • osteomyelitis, or bone infection
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • stress fracture

If you suffer from persistent heel pain, a foot doctor can perform an exam or take an X-ray to determine the cause and develop a treatment plan.

Other Reasons to See Your Local Foot Doctor

A foot doctor can treat many ailments, and they include:

  • Ingrown toenail
  • Sprain, strain, or broken bone
  • Bunions, corns, or callus
  • Athlete's foot

It is best not to wait to see a foot doctor when you're experiencing any issues or symptoms when it comes to your feet. The proper diagnosis and care plan in the early phase can easily prevent a significant problem down the road. Please call Foot Doctor of the East Bay, located in San Leandro, Pleasanton, and Los Gatos, CA, for an appointment with Dr. Stein or Dr. Ahmad, at (510) 483-3390 for San Leandro, CA, (925) 425-9684 for the Pleasanton, CA, office, and (408) 356-6767 for Los Gatos, CA.

By Dr. Michael Stein
April 28, 2021
Category: Foot Care
Tags: Shockwave Therapy  

Surgery is often the last recourse when addressing several foot conditions, your podiatrist will usually attempt a less invasive option first, and this is where shockwave therapy has proven the most effective. When at-home care and conservative treatments don't show the results that neither you nor your doctor hopes for are when shockwave therapy is often prescribed. But there's a lot to know about the therapy that is best discussed with your podiatrist, so to learn more get in contact with Dr. Michael Stein, Dr. Phillip Milgram, and Dr. Zeineldin Ahmad of Foot Doctor of the East Bay with offices in San Leandro, Pleasanton, and Los Gatos, CA.

Conservative Care

Many times you may be able to treat simple conditions at home, like mild sprains and general heel pain. For these early symptoms, the generally recommended course of action has four parts: rest, ice, compression, and elevation.

Not overusing the injured limb immediately after trauma is common sense, but rest should typically only last until the pain has ceased and regular range of motion has returned, with preferably a doctor's okay.

Ice, compression, and elevation can all help to minimize inflammation and thus reduce pain, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can further assist in this. But just as rest is initially important, so is activity to completely recover. To accomplish this, your podiatrist may recommend physical therapy.

At this point, your doctor may also turn to custom orthotics or other professional procedures to bring you relief. When none of these conservative treatments can achieve it is typically when your doctor may suggest surgery. But this is also when shockwave therapy can help.

Shockwave Therapy in San Leandro, Pleasanton, and Los Gatos, CA

Shockwave therapy refers to a treatment that delivers pulses of energy to affected muscles and tendons to accelerate the body's natural healing. If effective, and accompanied by physical therapy, it may delay or eliminate the need for surgical intervention. It is a safe procedure but your podiatrist can best advise you on possible risks, a common one is when patients return to their regular activities too quickly.

To find out if you are a candidate for shockwave therapy make an appointment today with Dr. Stein, Dr. Milgram, and Dr. Ahmad of Foot Doctor of the East Bay by dialing (510) 483-3390 for San Leandro, CA, (925) 425-9684 for the Pleasanton, CA, office, and (408) 356-6767 for Los Gatos, CA.

By Dr. Michael Stein
January 22, 2021
Category: Foot Care
Tags: Foot Care   Diabetic Foot  

Diabetics need to monitor their health each day. Checking their blood sugar levels, striving to eat a healthy diet, taking their medications and exercising are all important things they need to do. But they also need to remember to check their feet each day. If they don't, they can suffer from serious complications. If you live in San Leandro, CA you can learn more about diabetic foot care from Dr. Michael Stein and Dr. Zeineldin Ahmad. Keep reading to learn why diabetics should take excellent care of their feet.

Nerve Damage

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, also known as the CDC, more than half of diabetics have nerve damage. Our body is full of billions of nerves. When they work correctly, they send messages to your brain. They tell your brain to recognize pain and move your muscles. Nerves also tell your brain to make your internal organs function properly. When you have nerve damage, your brain doesn't receive that important information. As a result, you may not realize your feet are injured because of a cut. Speaking to a doctor in San Leandro will help you learn more about diabetic foot care.

When a diabetic has nerve damage, he or she can lose feeling in their feet. They may not feel any pain after getting a cut. This can lead to an ulcer that gradually becomes infected. If left untreated, the diabetic may have to have a toe, foot or even part of a leg amputated. For this reason, diabetics should check their feet each day. When they visit their doctor, the doctor should check their feet as well.

Schedule Your Appointment

Do you live in the San Leandro area and require diabetic foot care? Dr. Michael Stein and Dr. Zeineldin Ahmad provide a variety of podiatric services that can help. Schedule your appointment by calling Foot Doctor of the East Bay at one of our convenient locations. To reach the San Leandro office, call (510) 483-3390. Contact our Pleasanton location at (925) 425-9684. Call our Los Gatos office at (408) 356-6767.

By Dr. Michael Stein
December 11, 2020
Category: Foot Care
Tags: Podiatrist  

Know the signs that it may be time to see a foot and ankle doctor.

Did you know that the average person walks the length of the earth five times by the time they turn 80 years old? So, to say that our feet and ankles do a lot for us every day is certainly an understatement. If you are dealing with foot and ankle problems it’s important to recognize when you may need to see one of our San Leandro, CA, podiatrists Dr. Michael Stein and Dr. Zeineldin Ahmad for care. Is it time to consult a podiatrist? It might be you are dealing with:

Nail fungus

While toenail fungus can happen to anyone, we tend to see the majority of cases in older adults. Unfortunately, this problem isn’t always easy to treat, particularly because over-the-counter remedies often aren’t as effective as we would like. Since untreated or improperly treated fungal infections can permanently damage the nails it’s important to see a podiatrist here in San Leandro, CA, to prevent the infection from spreading.

Persistent heel pain

Heel pain is often the result of inflammatory conditions such as plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis, which will often go away with ample rest; however, if you are dealing with recurring or persistent heel pain that lasts for several weeks you could be dealing with chronic plantar fasciitis or something more serious that requires imaging tests and expert care.


If you’ve been diagnosed with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes you must have a podiatrist that you can turn to for regular care. After all, those with diabetes are at an increased risk for nerve damage, ulcers, and infections, but our podiatrist team can provide you with the preventive care you need to prevent diabetic foot complications.


A bunion is a common foot deformity that can cause persistent foot pain, swelling, and trouble walking. While bunions are often genetic there are other factors such as wearing tight shoes or high heels that can also increase your risk. The sooner a bunion is diagnosed the better, as we can provide you with a variety of simple at-home strategies to prevent the bunion from getting worse. If caught early enough surgery is rarely necessary.

Our San Leandro, CA podiatrist is here to treat everything from diabetic feet and arthritis to heel pain. Give us a call at (510) 483-3390 if you need a foot specialist.

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