Ankle pain is troublesome, uncomfortable, and annoying. However, it can also be severe and debilitating for some individuals. But you shouldn’t let ankle pain keep you from going about your daily life and impact your mobility. To do this, the first step is to find out what’s causing you pain.

You can do this by consulting with your podiatrist here at Foot Doctor of the East Bay, Dr. Michael Stein, Dr. Phillip Milgram, or Dr. Zeindelin Ahmad. They have three distinct locations in San Leandro, Pleasanton, and Los Gatos CA.

In the meantime, here are possible causes of your ankle pain:

  • Ankle Sprain: This results in injury to ligaments surrounding your ankle. It causes swelling and pain, as well as joint weakness.
  • Damaged Cartilage: Your ankle joint’s cartilage is vulnerable to further injury if you leave ankle injuries like fractures or sprains untreated.
  • Tendonitis: You may have tendonitis when your tendons become inflamed and irritated, resulting in significant discomfort and pain. Left unaddressed, it could progress to posterior tibial tendonitis that, in turn, could cause pain on the ankle joint’s inside portion and walking issues.
  • Ankle Fracture: Ankle fractures come in various types and treatment varies for each type. Although some ankle fractures could be treated with therapies for ankle sprains, some might need surgical intervention.
  • Achilles Tendonitis: This causes pain at the heel’s back portion and is the most common tendonitis type that affects the ankle joint.
  • Arthritis: Although arthritis isn’t a common ankle pain cause, it could occasionally result in ankle pain. When it does happen, it’s common in people who have rheumatoid arthritis or those who’ve had previous ankle injuries.

Ankle Pain Relief

Your podiatrist San Leandro CA office will develop a treatment plan that will be most effective to combat what’s causing your pain. If you’re uncertain of the cause of your pain or how severe it is, seek help from your podiatrist first before starting any kind of treatment. Generally speaking, the following are common ways to manage ankle pain:

  • Resting the affected ankle
  • Heat and ice application
  • Stretching exercises
  • Orthotics or footwear modifications
  • Physical therapy
  • OTC medications and/or steroid injections

Take note that surgery isn’t commonly recommended for ankle pain that your podiatrist in San Leandro CA considers acute. Usually, those who require surgery are those who’ve had persistent or recurrent ankle pain due to previous ankle injuries that weren’t treated properly.

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