If you are suffering from pain or injuries in your feet or ankles, our team of podiatrists at Foot Doctor of the East Bay in Pleasanton and San Leandro, CA offers shockwave therapy and more to help you achieve relief.

What to Expect During Shockwave Therapy With Your Podiatrist

Shockwave therapy is a technique that helps relieve pain and suffering due to a variety of issues, such as trigger points, Achilles tendonitis, shin splints, and plantar fasciitis. As the term “shockwave therapy” can sound a bit intimidating, our team of podiatrists at Foot Doctor of the East Bay in Pleasanton and San Leandro, CA explains the process and answers some of the most common questions below.

Shockwave Therapy Process 

A gel is applied to the treatment area, which helps improve how well the energy flows to the treatment site. A handheld device is then placed on that site, which sends waves of energy to the tissues. As this occurs, blood flows to the treated area to stimulate the body’s healing processes, break up scar tissue and trigger points, and provide relief from pain, tension, and inflammation. Sessions usually take anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes.

Will It Hurt? 

This greatly depends on your injury and the location. You shouldn’t feel any intense pain at all. Some people feel discomfort or slight amounts of pain – especially if the injury is close to the bone. However, even stretching or exercising an injured area can be uncomfortable. And much of the discomfort or sensations you might experience are actually due to the healing process, such as the blood flowing to the area.

Are There Any Side Effects? 

If you’ve ever received a massage, you know that you might walk away a little tender or bruised. The same is true for shockwave therapy. The vibrations being sent through to your tissues are working to provide something similar to a massage deep in the tissues that can be very difficult to reach through other means.

Will One Treatment Session Be Enough?

Most patients need at least three sessions, but it really depends on the area being treated. Some need six or more if the injury is severe. Our podiatrist will recommend a number of treatments at your consultation. It’s critical that you keep to the recommended schedule and number of treatment sessions in order to achieve optimal healing and lasting recovery.

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