Know the signs that it may be time to see a foot and ankle doctor.

Did you know that the average person walks the length of the earth five times by the time they turn 80 years old? So, to say that our feet and ankles do a lot for us every day is certainly an understatement. If you are dealing with foot and ankle problems it’s important to recognize when you may need to see one of our San Leandro, CA, podiatrists Dr. Michael Stein and Dr. Zeineldin Ahmad for care. Is it time to consult a podiatrist? It might be you are dealing with:

Nail fungus

While toenail fungus can happen to anyone, we tend to see the majority of cases in older adults. Unfortunately, this problem isn’t always easy to treat, particularly because over-the-counter remedies often aren’t as effective as we would like. Since untreated or improperly treated fungal infections can permanently damage the nails it’s important to see a podiatrist here in San Leandro, CA, to prevent the infection from spreading.

Persistent heel pain

Heel pain is often the result of inflammatory conditions such as plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis, which will often go away with ample rest; however, if you are dealing with recurring or persistent heel pain that lasts for several weeks you could be dealing with chronic plantar fasciitis or something more serious that requires imaging tests and expert care.


If you’ve been diagnosed with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes you must have a podiatrist that you can turn to for regular care. After all, those with diabetes are at an increased risk for nerve damage, ulcers, and infections, but our podiatrist team can provide you with the preventive care you need to prevent diabetic foot complications.


A bunion is a common foot deformity that can cause persistent foot pain, swelling, and trouble walking. While bunions are often genetic there are other factors such as wearing tight shoes or high heels that can also increase your risk. The sooner a bunion is diagnosed the better, as we can provide you with a variety of simple at-home strategies to prevent the bunion from getting worse. If caught early enough surgery is rarely necessary.

Our San Leandro, CA podiatrist is here to treat everything from diabetic feet and arthritis to heel pain. Give us a call at (510) 483-3390 if you need a foot specialist.

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