If you have ever suffered from heel pain, you already know how much it can impact your day-to-day life. Heel pain can keep you from running, walking for an extended period of time, in severe cases, from even being able to put weight on your feet. Fortunately, there are effective treatments for heel pain that can get you up and enjoying life again!

Here at Foot Doctor of the East Bay in San Leandro, CA, your podiatrists, Dr. Michael Stein and Dr. Zeineldin Ahmad, offer a wide range of footcare services, including treatments for heel pain, to help you feel better—read on to learn more!

Heel Pain and How We Can Help

There are several reasons why you might be suffering from heel pain. The most common cause of heel pain is a condition known as plantar fasciitis. It occurs when the large band of tissue running across your heel, known as the plantar fascia, becomes inflamed.

  • Plantar fasciitis can be caused by overpronating, or rolling your feet when you walk. You can also get plantar fasciitis from standing or walking on hard surfaces for long periods of time. You are also at increased risk of developing plantar fasciitis if you are flat-footed or carry excess weight.
  • You may also suffer from heel pain due to a heel bruise, an injury caused by stepping on sharp objects.
  • A heel spur is another cause of heel pain. Heel spurs are caused by excess calcium deposits in your heel.

You can do a lot to prevent heel pain. Remember to always wear protective, supportive shoes and avoid going barefoot. If you are active and participating in a sport, always wear the appropriate footwear for the activity you are doing. You can also try:

  • Placing wedges or heel inserts inside your shoes
  • Icing your heel several times during the day
  • Elevating your feet and resting to take the stress off of your feet

For stubborn cases of heel pain, it’s best to visit your podiatrist. Professional treatments for heel pain include:

  • Custom-made orthotics
  • Prescription-strength anti-inflammatory medication
  • Physical therapy and stretching exercises
  • Extracorporeal Shock Wave Treatment (ESWT)

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