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By Dr. Michael Stein
August 28, 2014
Category: Foot Care
Tags: Diabetes   wound care   infection   wound   first aid   puncture  

First aidIt's a classic murder mystery party and it is right here in San Leandro! Come to the San Leandro Main Library at 7:30 PM on Friday, September 5, for a fun-filled evening of murder mystery, where players and library volunteers will take us back to the golden age of opera in "Death at the Met." While you're playing along at the library, we'll be playing our own game of whodunit at the Foot Doctor of the East Bay.

Initiate light dimming sequence. Queue mysterious music. Take on the role of crime investigator, but watch your step! Puncture wounds to the feet can be very dangerous.  As a podiatric office, we often have to ask: was it the nail nestled upright in the floor board? A slip of the knife off the kitchen counter? Loss of grip on a pair of scissors? Or perhaps you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time, barefoot and alone, when a piece of broken glass found its way into your foot.

We take puncture wound care very seriously. These mishaps often happen instantaneously, and though they may not cause excessive bleeding, they still require care. If the cut, scrape, or puncture was deep enough to draw blood it's important to follow these first aid steps below:

1.       Stop the bleeding by gently applying pressure with a clean cloth or bandage.

2.       Clean the area with soap and water. If debris is still present, use tweezers cleaned with alcohol to remove the particles.

3.       Apply a thin layer of antibiotic cream or ointment.

4.       Cover the wound with bandages to keep the area clean.

5.       Change the dressing at least once a day or whenever it becomes wet or dirty.

6.       Watch for signs of infection, and see a specialist if the wound doesn't appear to be healing, or if you notice redness, warmth, swelling, or drainage.

If the wound is bleeding excessively, is a result of an animal bite, was caused by a rusty object, or you can’t easily remove the object, contact our office right away! We can be reached at three different locations:  San Leandro at (510) 483-3390, Los Gatos at (408) 356-6767, and Pleasanton at (925) 425-9684. Foot Doctor of the East Bay works hard to solve your foot care mysteries and ensure safe and effective recovery for any injuries. We help you take great care of your feet!

Photo credit: franky242 via freedigitalphotos.net

By Dr. Michael Stein
July 24, 2014
Tags: Ankle Injury   ankle fractures   first aid   tips  

Broken AnkleA day at the soccer field can lead to stress and anxiety if someone suffers an injury. Ankle fractures are common among athletes, as well as active baby boomers and those with weak joints. They can occur suddenly as a result of an accident, fall, or even rolling your ankle while wearing some stylish high-heels.

Severity of fractures vary, depending on how many bones have been harmed. In some cases, multiple breaks can occur in the same area, resulting in damage to surrounding tissues and ligaments. A small ankle injury can snowball into a more serious break if it is not treated promptly and in the proper manner.

It’s good to expect the best, but it’s smarter to prepare for the worst. This means it’s a good idea to arm yourself with knowledge so that you can act fast when a crisis occurs. First aid know-how comes in handy when you or someone near you experiences an unexpected injury like an ankle fracture. So check out these helpful tips:

First and foremost, you’ll want to stop any bleeding. This can be done by applying pressure to the source of the bleeding with a clean cloth, like an unused towel. Next, you’ll want to stabilize the injured area. Have the injured person lay down. Keep his or her leg elevated above the heart. If any bones are poking out from the skin, do not touch them. If you have been trained professionally, go ahead and apply a splint. Otherwise, leave any altering of the area to the professionals, which is exactly who you should call upon next. If the person injured passes out, is numb, or if the bleeding cannot be controlled, it’s best to call 911 for help.

Ankle fractures can be daunting, but you don’t have to face the challenge alone. If you have any questions or would like more information, Dr. Michael Stein and Zeindelin Ahmad at Foot Doctor of the East Bay are here to help. You can schedule an appointment or visit our offices in Pleasanton, Los Gatos, and San Leandro, CA.

Photo Credit: Sippakorn via FreeDigitalPhotos.net



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