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By Dr. Michael Stein
October 22, 2014
Category: Fractures
Tags: Broken Toe   recovering  

Running with a Broken ToeHere in the Bay Area, where the weather is pleasant year round and the urban architecture and vast natural beauty offers plenty to do and see, we don’t want anything to slow us down. Unfortunately, broken toes can sometimes get in the way. Recovering from a broken toe isn’t much fun—it mainly requires a lot of rest and 4-6 weeks of time—but there are things you can do to help the recovery process move more smoothly and defend against re-injury.

Immediately after an injury, employ the R.I.C.E. system for acute injury care. First, rest: get off your feet as quickly as you can to avoid doing more damage. Next, apply ice to the area to reduce pain and swelling. Third, use compression techniques—generally, wrapping a bandage around the injury. Finally, try to keep the injury elevated above heart level as often as possible, as this reduces swelling and accelerates healing.

“Buddy taping” is a common method used on less severe fractures for keeping your bones aligned properly while they heal—we will show you how to do this when you come in for a visit. By connecting the broken toe to one of its neighbors using a piece of tape, the strength and stability of your healthy toe keep the broken one in line. Place a piece of cotton between the toes in order to keep them as dry as possible.

Keep an eye on the area, especially if the break was traumatic or there was nail damage. Re-growing toenails are at heightened risk of becoming ingrown. You could also pick up an infection more easily due to the exposed skin.

Once the toe improves, you can slowly increase the amount of walking you do per day. Wear a shoe with a stiff, protective sole; this defends against re-injury and helps keep toes more stable while walking.

As recovery comes to a close, your toe will still be relatively stiff and weakened due to lack of use. Once you’re back to walking normally, start stretching and exercising it. Your goal is to return full strength and range of motion to the affected joints, which will help prevent re-injury.

If you’re dealing with a fracture or need help recovering from a broken toe, give Foot Doctor of the East Bay a call at (510) 483-3390. Our three convenient locations serve patients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Photo Credit: Hisks via RGBStock.com

Broken Toe"This year 35-year-old Kara Goucher withdrew from the ING New York City Marathon following a broken toe injury. In her personal blog Goucher wrote that she fractured the second metatarsal of her right foot while on an exercise run during the summertime. “850 minutes a week.”  

“Eight weeks later, it was time to start running outdoors,” Goucher wrote. “The marathon was now 10 weeks away, and I needed to get after it! The transition did not go well. My foot ached and my cadence was slow. I recently went back to the doctor and found out that my foot, is healing, but is not healed.

Suffering from a broken toecan be a painful injury to deal with. It is beneficial to be in the care of a doctor who can treat your condition properly. A podiatrist like Dr. Michael Stein of Foot Doctor of the East Bay can assess your injury can provide you with the best treatment options for your needs.

What to Know About a Broken Toe

Although most people try to avoid foot trauma such as banging, stubbing, or dropping heavy objects on their feet, the unfortunate fact is that it is a common occurrence. Given the fact that toes are positioned in front of the feet, they typically sustain the brunt of such trauma. When trauma occurs to a toe, the result can be a painful break (fracture). Another type of trauma that can break a toe is repeated activity that places stress on the toe for prolonged periods of time.

Symptoms of a Broken Toe

· throbbing pain
· swelling
· bruising on the skin and toenail
· the inability to move the toe with ease
· toe appears crooked or disfigured
· tingling or numbness in the toe
· injured person experiences fever or chills throughout their body, and when there is an open, bleeding wound present on the toe.

Generally, a minor toe break will heal without long-term complications, but it is important to discontinue activities that put pressure on the toe. It is best to stay off of the injured toe with the affected foot elevated on pillows. Swelling can be alleviated by placing an ice pack on the broken toe for 15 minutes every two hours then taping the two toes together with medical tape. 

For more information on broken toe please follow link below.

If you have any questions, please contact one of our offices which are located in San Leandro, Pleasanton and Los Gatos, CA. We offer the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies for all your foot care needs.

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