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Posts for: May, 2014

Abnormal Wounds on your Feet should be Inspected by Dr. Stein.San Leandro, CA, is ready to celebrate this year’s Cherry Festival. If you plan to spend Saturday, May 31, enjoying the parade, food, and of course, the cherries, then today is the perfect day to make sure your feet are festival-ready. People with diabetes have an even greater need to monitor their feet closely, and daily diabetic foot checks are vital to maintaining foot health.

If you think checking your feet daily seems extreme, remember the nature of diabetes. The disease can lead to loss of feeling in the feet, which means that a cut or simple blister can go undetected. Once a break in the skin occurs, there is an open door for infection.

Reduced blood flow that hinders healing is another result of diabetes. It takes very little time, even less than 24 hours, for an infection to develop and begin to spread. Without the typical pain signals being sent, you may not even realize that there is a problem.

How can you keep your feet healthy and ready for the next community event?

  • Always wear shoes and choose footwear that fits well
  • Keep your feet dry and clean (including your toes)
  • Moisturize to keep skin from cracking (avoid the area between the toes)
  • Check your feet every day, and look for changes in coloration.
  • Grab a mirror to see the soles of your feet or ask a family member for help.
  • Call the office if an area of your foot feels unusually warm or cold, looks swollen, or if you find
  • a break in the skin (abrasions, corns, blisters, etc.).

Many people who have diabetes feel alone in the fight for healthy feet. At the Foot Doctor of the East Bay, you’ll find a team of experts ready to help you through every step of this journey. Seeing Dr. Michael Stein or Dr. Zeindelin Ahmad regularly for exams will give you peace of mind and the excellent podiatric care that you deserve. Call one of three locations for your convenience, or schedule online.

Photo Credit: nenovbrothers via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

DiabetesYou may not associate diabetic foot care with the name, David “Boomer” Wells, but you should. This lefty pitcher from the West Coast enjoyed big league successes from 1987 to 2007. Most baseball-savvy Californians know the name--he ended his career playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers, but donned a Padres jersey for two and a half seasons. What you may not know is that Wells was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2007.

This formerly free-wheeling athlete (as told in his book “Perfect I’m Not”) understood that this diagnosis meant big changes in lifestyle, and he made them. According to an ESPN article, he significantly altered his diet as part of his effort to manage the disease. This is an excellent response to this diagnosis, since diet and exercise play a huge role in the management of this disease.

Another critical element is diabetic foot care. At home, this means checking your feet daily (don’t forget the soles), keeping them dry and clean, buying shoes that fit well, and wearing shoes at all times to protect your feet. However, you’re not alone. Our expert staff will help you maintain foot health through regular care and quick attention to any concerns that arise.  

Diabetes can negatively impact the health of your feet due to nerve damage and reduced blood flow caused by the disease. Infections take longer to heal, and loss of feeling may result in wounds that aren’t noticed. Finding and addressing problems fast is imperative!

Excellent foot care isn’t reserved for athletes. At the three locations of Foot Doctor of the East Bay, we believe that excellent care for your feet is a homerun when it comes to this illness. Call today for an appointment, or schedule one online.

Photo credit: David Castillo Dominici via freedigitalphotos.net

2.6.14_ToeWhisperer.jpgGary Williams is a special kind of foot doctor. He’s the guy models go to when the fashionable but uncomfortable shoes they often wear cause them to develop bunions, hammertoes, nerve conditions, and more. His skill has made his business extremely popular, and his clients often refer to him as “the Toe Whisperer.”

When working with a model, Williams will often try to get them to improve their everyday shoe-wearing habits like their posture and their pronation. He recommends exercises for them to do and may retrain them if they have a serious problem with walking. "I can make them function but if you try to look fashionable all the time, you will pay a price,” he said. “If you use your body badly, you will reap the problems that come with it over time."

Hammertoes are painful deformities that often result from excessive use of high heeled shoes. If you are dealing with foot pain and suspect that you have a hammertoe, contact podiatrist Dr. Michael A. Stein, DPM of Foot Doctor of the East Bay. Dr. Stein will diagnose your condition and present you with a wide array of possible treatment methods to choose from.


Hammertoe is little-known a painful condition that affects the second, third and fourth toes involving different joints of the toe and foot. Hammertoe can be caused by many other conditions such as RA (rheumatoid arthritis), osteoarthritis, trauma or injuries to your foot, it can be hereditary and it can also be caused by a cerebral vascular accident. If you wear shoes that are too narrow or short for your feet, it may exacerbate any pain you already have.

It is really important to your overall well-being to seek out medical attention at the first signs of foot pain or anything that may hinder your ability to walk in a normal manner. Taking care of your feet is one of the first steps to being able to live a full and healthy life.

For more information about Hammertoes, follow the link below.

If you have any questions feel free to contact our office in Los Gatos, San Leandro, and Pleasanton, CA. We offer all the latest in diagnostic and treatment technologies to meet your needs.

Read more about Hammertoes

Sandals on the BeachHello, sandal season! It's time for those toes to come out of hibernation. That means, the socks come off and the sandals slip on. Are your toenails ready? Not if you have toenail fungus! Don’t worry, though.  Foot Doctor of the East Bay offers laser treatment for fungal nails

You don't have to be embarrassed by yellow, discolored toenails. We can treat your feet with our GenesisPlus Cutera laser that painlessly zaps toenail fungus at the source.

Better yet, here are some prevention tips so you don’t get fungal nails in the first place: don't share nail clippers and files; never share your socks and shoes; keep your toenails as long as your toes; wear cotton socks; wear dry shoes that allow for circulation; and wear water shoes in public areas such as the pool or shower.

Plus, for dazzling feet from heel-to-toe, we suggest leaving your nails au naturel for one whole week. Remove all nail polish and give them a deep clean in a foot bath. Don't forget about the spaces between your toes where dirt and lint can linger. Trim your toenails and apply moisturizer.

We want you to enjoy every moment of sunshine this summer! Don't let ugly toenails hold you back. The moment you begin to feel uncomfortable due to the appearance of your feet, call our office at (510) 483-3390. You can also schedule your appointment online, or visit us in San Leandro, Pleasanton, or Los Gatos, CA.  Remember, healthy feet are happy feet!

Photo Credit: PublicDomainPictures via pixabay.com

foot blistersVirginia Military Institute alumni Maj. Todd Pegg and Kirby Smith were participants in a tradition that dates back several decades.  Since 1970, VMI students marched on the path similar to the one taken in 1864 from the Lexington to the Battle of New Market. The assignment is not easy, and depending on the weather and other factors, it can even be brutal. But it’s a tradition, and carrying on the history is important, Smith said.

According to Pegg the task was unbearable due to the blisters on the feet and heat from the wool uniforms.  The path used to be unpaved, Pegg stated, which added its own challenges. Currently, walking on the side of the road along the incline rising up to the shoulder of U.S. 11 is very uncomfortable. A third classman who participated in the march was seen soothing his tired feet at the Frontier Cultural Museum in Staunton after a long day of marching.

Whether you’re outdoors strolling for a walk, or even running, foot blisters can be preventable and treatable. If you have blisters on the feet, see podiatrist Dr. Michael A. Stein, DPM of Foot Doctor of the East Bay. Dr. Stein can treat your podiatric needs.  

Blisters on the Feet

When tight or ill-fitting footwear is worn, many times a foot blister may develop. Blisters can even develop by constant rubbing from the shoe, often times leading to pain.

What is a Foot Blister?

A foot blister is a small pocket that is filled with fluid, forming on the upper most layer of the skin. Blisters are filled with clear fluid, and may lead to drainage of blood or pus if the area has become infected.

How do they Form?

Blisters of the feet are almost always the result of shoe rubbing and constant friction of the skin and material. Long periods of walking in shoes, sandals, or boots which don’t fit properly can result in a blister. Those who often have moisture or humidity in the feet, are prone to blister formation easily.

Prevention & Treatment

Proper care is vital to alleviate pain and prevent infection to the affected area of the foot. The best treatment is to leave them alone. New skin will develop under the blister and during the healing stages, your blister will pop.

-  Do not lance the blister , which can lead to infection

For more information about Blisters on the Feet, follow the link below.

If you have any questions feel free to contact our office in Los Gatos, San Leandro, and Pleasanton, CA. We offer all the latest in diagnostic and treatment technologies to meet your needs.

Read more about Blisters.



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